Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fzdllh Kmsn & IzZah NiSa

The last time I met Izzah was like 2 months ago during class reunion while Fazd, about 4 years ago approximately after SPM ended. That was quite long!
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Today as we planned, we went to Midvalley Megamall to hang out. After I fetched Izzah from her house, we headed straight to Midvalley. There were an ocean of people in Midvalley! Like I'm drowning in them!

Our first agenda was lunch. We had lunch at the food junction. Fazd and I tried the Korean food and Izzah with Thai cuisine. We lepak there quite for a long time as we had so much to talk about. Our relationship are still strong just like in old time. They were my best friends from MRSM Beseri. Izzah sat behind me, while Fazd sat behind Izzah in class. Really missed the old time!

Then, we toured around the mall, just window shopped. After that, we ended up lepaking at Secret Recipe to eat cakes while Fazd had bought me latte from San Fransisco Coffee Co. Thanks Fazd! Both of them belanja me the cake for my belated birthday. Ahh, first time eating a cake for my birthday! Thanks guys! Love yeah! Chocolate Indulgence, Pecan Butterscotch and Chocolate Banana were our tea-time menu today. *Tea time ke? Padahal baru je lunch!* We didn't shop today except for Fazd. She bought something from Vincci.

After 5 hours spending time together, we sadly bid goodbye to Fazd. I gave them something for their birthdays so later they won't claim their present from me. Izzah and I went back to Shah Alam and later I have plan with my family.


fazd! said...

yihaw! terima kasih bg hadiah birthday akan datang! ;P

Unknown said...

hehe.. thanks juga fazd and ijah for belanjaing me the secret recipe cake.. hehe.. yum yum!

fazd! said...

welcome my dear! :)

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