Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pasta de Gohan

We had lunch at Pasta de Gohan just now. It is located in Sunway Pyramid. Our main aim today was to celebrate the belated and upcoming birthdays for our gang members; Bee (March), Anis & Hazwan (April) and Wanji & Kak Long (May). Since Wanji and Kak Long birthday are next week, we just did it together today since next week got mock test for dispensing exam.

The boys arrived first, we all took cabs today because we all got no car obviously. At first we walked by three. Then I asked Duwe and Wanji not to follow me because I want to buy birthday presents for the respective peoples. I bought X for Kak Long, Y for Wanji and Z for Helmy.

The girls arrived half-an hour later. They said they were still not hungry, so all of them went to FOS to shop for some stuffs.

Baskin Robbins

While waiting for them, the boys had a quick cool ice creams at Baskin Robbins. Because it's Pink Day today, I showed them the pink FOS totte which I bought just now. Hahaha.. It's not because I bought the totte for the Pink Day, I bought it to hide my stuffs in there so that the birthday presents weren't kantoi seeing by the others. I brought my pink earphones actually for the Pink Day.

Pink Day = Wednesday where you can get two junior scoops of ice cream with the price of one. However, there's a difference in pricing. During normal day, one scoop cost RM5.50 but for the Pink Day it cost RM7.50. Can we consider the one scoop to be free? We were charged RM2.00 actually!

Pasta de Gohan

At 1, we all gathered to surveyed place to eat. We went from Japanese, Korean and lastly we all dined in Pasta de Gohan. It's a Japanese restaurant serving Italian food especially pasta. Most of us ordered lunch promotion set which was quite satisfying and belly-fullness. The set consists of one main course (spaghetti) and side dishes (bread, gratin, doria and rice). The drink wasn't included in the set, so we had to ordered separately.

Then, Wanji passed his presents to Bee, Anis and Kak Long. I'm planning to give mine to them on their actually birthdays. So, maybe in next week.

Justify Full
Birthday Peoples

Bee (7th March)

Anis (4th April) and me (29th April)
*Anis interprem gmbr aku, so xde gmbr aku sorg2...

Wanji (10th May)

Kak Long Peruz (12th May)

After done with eating (we all felt very full I tell you!), we jalan2 around looking for things to buy.

Today, we met Jason and Lisa, and also Elaine and Zi Yi. Wah, so many people went to Sunway Pyramid today.


LoLLy~ said...

kalo pink day nape? huhuhu....ley aku tnjuk botol air aku td :(

Hazwan Samian said...

pink day bleh bli 2 scoop eskrem dgn harga 1 scoop..

Anonymous said...

cute la gmbr bapak n anis...i like

Hazwan Samian said...

ktrg mmg cute la tikah.. hehe..

anisz said...

hazwan tipu..ada kan pic ko sorg..

pariz, ko x tahu menahu ke sal pink day nie?

cahaya wawa said...

in india the jumbo scoop only cost rs75 (convert to rm x0.073) and for the cone only rs10.. meh2 dtg sni, i'll treat you the jumbos, x yah pakai pink2 pun.. =)

NikTim said...

asyik kuar mkn je..

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