Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16

I got 3 things associated with this date..

1. Teacher's Day
to all teachers around Malaysia. Thanks for your great effort in teaching us becoming pandai since from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, A-Levels and also currently now in IMU.

2. Birthday
to my old friends, Dollah.. he was my classmates form secondary school. He's now a dentist-to-be..

3. Wedding
to my cousin, beautiful Kak Diana who just recently married a handsome guy named Fir. Memang bagai pinang dibelah dua.

The theme for today was pink, but I got no pink t-shirt to wear. So I just wore grey. Hahaha.. So out of theme.. I manage to grab a beautiful cupcake from the bride's dining table but turned out that it was VERY SWEET! The dishes today were awesome; nasi minyak, ayam percik, mutton, smoked beef, pineapple and sambal goreng served with sirap bandung, pink pudding and tapai pulut. Yummy~

Arissa & daddy

Arissa & uncle.. Kepanasan dua2..

Is it yummy??

pengantin with my family


cahaya wawa said...

lovely cuppies. wish to hv one here.. balik nnt remind me to hv this cuppy k.. T_T india xde cupcakes

cik violet said...

wah..baagusnye..tunggu sampai majlis bis ea...

cik violet said...

arissa sngt debab rupenyee...hoho

Unknown said...

haha.. arissa mmg debab.. skang da tumboh gigi..

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