Friday, May 21, 2010


I forgot to blog about Super Junior's new song, Bonamana during their comeback last week because I'm very busy right now.. With full-day classes, workshops, and also my involvement in Convomag as a designer.

Check it out!

Music Video

Music Bank

But sadly, only 10 out of 13 members are involved in this new album. Kangin is preparing for his military service, Kibum as usual is busy with his acting career while Hangeng has gone back to China. But who cares? They all still sound good in this song!


PahPihPuh said...

salivary gland kene buang..
x ley r nyanyi..
kene nari jek

Unknown said...

mane ade kne buang.. kalo kne buang, da xde air liur la.. cume sakit jela! haha..

NikTim said...

sian siwon ..
dh xde kangin ..waa ..sedih2 ..T.T

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