Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100th Post!

Congratulations to me.. It's my 100th post in my blog..

So, let me just share with you the drama that I recently watched and also addicted to. Can't stop thinking about this drama and really anxious to watch the rest of the drama.


This drama is a remake of Taiwan's Meteor Garden and also Japanese Hana Yori Dango. It's basically about F4, four handsome and rich guys from an elite school. At first, the main character, Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) was a quite annoying and evil guy who I think doesn't have humanity and respect in himself. But later on, I'm starting to like him because his attitude was improved.


The girl, Jan Di also is a quite cute and funny. She always helps the poor students who are afraid of the F4. The girls in the school are all obsessed with the F4 members, but not Jan Di. She hates the F4 because they do whatever they want without considering the others feeling. But later, she develops a feeling towards the F4 members.. What will happen next?

Last night, I watched 3 first episodes back-to-back and sleep at 3.30 am. As the consequences, during the CAL session (Physiology), I became very sleepy and felt dizzy a bit.

Episode count:

Date - Episode count
25 Feb - 7 episodes
26 Feb - 5 episodes
27 Feb - internet connection was damn poor tonight.. can't watch anything..
28 Feb - 4 episodes

*Totally addicted!


Anonymous said...

congratez~~da 100 ek post ko...

Unknown said...

haha.. tq..
ko ble lg?

cahaya wawa said...

wuuhhhuuu... dah 100th post ekk..
hurmmm.. bape byk episod boys over flower tuh?? mls nk layan K-drama ngan T-drama sbb byk sgt episod.. mcm x relevan utk dolodl.. huuu

Unknown said...

aku da tgk 8 epsd dlm masae 2 hari.. hehe.. 24 epsd je.. dolod la..

Unknown said...

wow.. congratulations!! 100th post.. is a lot!! Mine is only a few... hahaha... Anyway, I have watched Hana Yuri Dango... should it be any different from this one?? If yes.. then I'll get it.

Unknown said...

i dun know about hana yori dango bcoz i havent watch it yet.. but usually korean people will change it a bit..

u shud watch boys over flower.. i really recommend it to u..

beeesss giiilleeee!!!!

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