Sunday, March 13, 2011


After taking a blazer measurement at IMU, I went out with Lukman and Emie to have our lunch at Ikea. Some packed food were on sale yesterday, for example a whole Daim cake cost about RM22 instead of RM25 and others as well. We grabbed the cake and also several bars of dark chocolate and nut chocolate. Then, we went upstairs to the restaurant and ordered our Swedish meatballs, chicken wings and soft drinks.

Melantak di Ikea

After chitchating during lunch, we headed to our next destination, KLIA. It's not that we were flying away that day but to send off our friend, Azam. He's furthering his study at India. I'm not sure at which university since he's also forgot the name of the university. But it's in Belgaum, where according to Google Map, it's located in Karnataka.

Goodbye Azam, have fun there!

After crying our eyes out, we had our dinner with Fadh. She brought us to PadiHouse Restaurant at Cyberjaya. The food here was awesome. I loved the grilled chicken chop because it was served with potato wedges, broccoli and carrots instead of lame fun fries.

Clockwise: dried chili chicken rice, grilled lamb chop, salmon rice & chicken chop.

After that, we went back to Vista after bidding goodbye to Fadh. I hope she's doing ok right now. Lukman and Emie spent some time with me in my little room. They show me a video about Angry Birds which is very freaking funny.. 'Say what?" "Say what?"


LoLLy~ said...

kat sri petaling ade jek padihouse tp cm rmai cine jek mkn situh,haha, halal x? :P

Unknown said...

i tau la syg.. kt sri petaling ade.. smlm lalu situ.. kt cyberjaya ramai je mlayu.. xtau halal ke x.. jnji meyakinkan..

zoroyz said...

say what say what, FO

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