Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Very Late Post - Murni

I supposed to write about this weeks ago after my hospital attachment but I got carried away by revision/study and forgot about it as I kept on postponing to blog about it.

It's about our full-member dinner at Murni Discovery Restaurant located at USJ. As we still have our two cars after the attachment, we took the chance to eat out where it couldn't be reached by public transport.

It took a few minutes, I think about 15 minutes drive from Bukit Jalil to USJ, lead by Wanji as he knows the place better. There's a wide variety of food in the menu and I was so rambang mata which one to eat. So I ended up eating Chicken Chop Special with Fair Lady drink. The mocktails in the menu have weird and funny names such as I Love You, Fair Lady etc.

The food here was really good, with affordable price and big portion. So

ni 'peace' ke hikmat korek idong?

amboi, meriah air uols..

Kak Long muka mcm tgh sembelit.. =p
Housemates 3 minus 1... Mana Anis?

merasa makanan...

Chicken chop special.. what's so special? It has two pieces of chicken..

Fair Lady - mango, longan, bla.. blaa.. blaaa...

nom.. nom.. nom...

Cipak menikmati mee yg sedap tetapi kurang pedas...

Happy family~

If we think about it, this might be the last time we ate together as a full group since we will be having our exam soon before we headed back to our hometowns. It's kinda sad. Let's pray that Allah will make our paths easier, so that we all will pass the exams and reach Glasgow without any obstacles.

For now, GOOD LUCK to us!


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ameen...x nak berpisah dgn korg wuwuwuuw =(

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