Friday, March 11, 2011

Post-Exam with Badd

After struggling hard battling with exam papers, I went out with my best friend, Badd. Right after exam, I text him saying that the exam is over and he can come to Vista to lepak with me. Then he suggested why don't we go out today, having nice meal, nice coffee and relax ourselves.

goodbye notes~

So to Sunway Pyramid we were.

First, we had our dinner at TGI Friday. This was our very first time eating here, so we took quite some time to browse through the menu. As you know, the food here are quite costly. I chose Sirloin Strip while Badd tried the New York Strip. It was our lucky day because in accordance to Mardi Gras celebration all the drinks are 40% off! So I tried the Green Apple Slush. We talked a lot during the dinner because after 6 months, we got so much to tell to each other.

Green Apple Slush

Sirloin Strip

New York Strip

Then, we had a quick walk around the mall, went to gift shop, book shop and finally we ended at Starbucks to refresh ourselves with coffee. We grabbed our Caramel Machiato and the newly introduced Choco Cappucino with free cake stick. We got 10% discount by using my Jusco Card and but kinda surprised because he didn't know about it. We found ourselves a table at the outside part of the cafe still enjoying our conversation.

Vanilla pop cake & coffee

At nearly 11 pm, we exit the building and Badd lepak at my room in Vista to suck some movies and series from my external hard disk.

BFF forever~


cahaya wawa said...

gosh i can see badd's double chin.. owhh wait, it triple from that angle.. **referring your last photo** hehhehehehhehehhehehe

Unknown said...

haha... gosh sgt.. ngata badd ekkk...

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