Saturday, March 19, 2011

Di Sepanjang Cuti Sekolah


On Monday, my groupmates and I were having a case presentation at IMU which contributes 15% to our PP2 final mark. Our assessor for that actually LBY, but she was replaced by SKV which I thought was better. He did ask us question, but in the end he was the one who answered it! =)
He helped us much with the case and his knowledge is also very deep. There were things that we never know that he told us.

Then, at night we were having a simple cake-less belated birthday celebration for Bee as her real birthday was during our final exam last week. Sorry Bee, no cake this time because the rain poured heavily. No one dare to go out and buy u a cake. We had a dinner a D'Santai for the very last time I think. Bee got present, Aleen also got one.


After packing some things to bring home, my parents came to fetch me. At noon, we headed to my kampung at Batu Pahat because my dad had some business to deal with. We stayed overnight at my grandmother's empty house. My grandmother stays at my uncle house at Shah Alam at the moment so the house is empty.


After Batu Pahat, we continued our journey to south, to my another grandmother's house at Johor Bahru.


This was my bad day. I got poisoned by yesterday's food. Although it was just a mild food poisoning, I still suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea until I got fever for a while. So I just rest at home with my grandmother while my parents and my brother went to Singapore to jalan-jalan cari makan. Damn, I'm so jealous.. Why did I fall sick when the time wasn't right? However, when my family was away, two my my aunties' families came. One of my aunty gave me money. Suddenly I felt lucky today.. =p

Gambar2 di Singapore.. takpe, next time boleh pergi..

At 5 pm, we returned back to Shah Alam because my mother had promised my other brother at home to jalan-jalan cari makan at Melaka tomorrow.


Spend few hours at Melaka. Upon arrival, we had lunch at an Asam Pedas roadside restaurant. The asam pedas was good. We wanna ordered stingray and tetel asam pedas but all finished. We we ended up eating asam pedas kembung, jenahak and tenggiri. Sedap jugekk... They sell a lot of kuih-muih as well.. and some bebola goreng..

The we parked the car near Dataran Pahlawan and visited the A' Famosa fort. Again, I climbed up the stairs to the old fort up the hill like I did with my friends several months ago. Alhamdulillah, the weather was cloudy with occasional light rain. So tak penat sangat kan!

Then to Stadthuys to have cendol at a riverside stall there.

We went back to Shah Alam straightly after that.


amirahms said...

hahha...biler kat melaka tuh mesti ko teringat kat kiteorg kan..hehe ye la wat bnde sama lak tuh..cendol pun siap makan kat dpan tuh ke?

Unknown said...

haha.. mmg tringat.. kt situ jela ade cendol.. xnmpk plak kt tmpt lain..

PahPihPuh said...

bestnye kebun..ade buah avokado lagi!
am kak pah rite?
mane gambarajah singgah pura2 anda?

Unknown said...

haha.. tu bkn alpokat la cipak.. tu buah limau kasturi.. gmbr tu kamer trick, nmpk mcm bsambung dgn daun kan? kak pah tertipu...

gmbrajah singapura inshaAllah bulan depan adik blogkan ye...

terima kasih atas sokongan kak pah..

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