Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charity Home Visit @ Rumah Shalom

Charity Home Visit - Group 2

It's today...

Early morning today, not really early, at about 8.00 am, my housmates and I helped Chern Fei to bring down all the food & things to his car. Then, we went to IMU and waited for the bus. Cipak and the gang were already there with the nasi lemak and air kotak.

Cipak, Fyruz, Chern Fei, Ridhwan, me, Wanji

here comes the bus

Khai Qian, Wanji, Lisa, Ho Liang, Ridhwan, me, Mirah

The bus was just a school bus. It looked not to tempting from the outside, but the inside was quite nice, the air-cond worked properly, so it's not so hot inside the bus. We arrived at the Rumah Shalom at about 9.15. Rumah Shalom is actually a home for the orphanages, got about 39 children stays in the house. The motto, "Help the Helpless".. Help! Help! =)

Rumah Shalom.. Help the Helpless

food + logistic department

logistic guys.. can work in a logistic company in the future.. but they need more proper attire..

the kids

Our first activity was playing games with the kids. We walked to the playground which is located just a stone's throw from the house. The house was quite small and cannot accomodate all of us inside, that's why we prefered the morning breeze at the playground. Visha, who was in charged of the games started conducted the activities with the help from Lisa and Chern Fei. After some times, the day got really hot and bright. Then, we went back inside the house and continued the games.

walking to the playground

punishment for losers

Anis and Cipak joined the paper dance along with the kids. It's kinda funny when Anis fell down during the games. Then, Ridhwan and Elaine also joined other games. We sat on the stairs watching the kids and the big kids (the IMUians). Other games included the statue dance, where the kids had to dance and stop when the music stopped. Also, got punishment for the losers. The banana dance was quite funny. The girls played the paper dance so politely, but when the boys took over, the newspapers were all koyak rabak. So ganas la the guys...

paper dance

passing games

statue dance

After playing games with the kids, we had lunch together. The food department with Cipak as the leader, distributed the nasi lemak and drinks to the hungry kids. I also helped out since I voluntereed myself to be Cipak's personal assistant. Safwan, Anis, Mirah, Cipak and I ate at the playground becauseToday's photographer was RenYi who was very determined in doing his job. Poor him, his self pictures must be extremely few.

makan time~

Cipak & Wanji - serasi bersama~

Bee & Fyruz lepak2 with the kids

After lunch, we had a camwhoring session, and the we prepared ourselves to go back because the bus already arrived. I helped Cipak to pick up the trash, empty box and the big pail owned by the pakcik nasi lemak.

camwhoring time~


Then, we went back to IMU. In the bus, Safwan slept along the way. I bet he was very sleepy since he slept late last night because of Dota.

Overall, the charity visit was quite okay la, but quite inorganised. In the future, we should planned it very carefully.


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