Sunday, February 22, 2009

Outing... Again...

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Today, I went out again with my friends but this time, to Berjaya Times Square. Here are some photos of our outing. This outing was joined by Apal, Wawa, Azery, Uya and also Mimi.

waiting for LRT at Sri Petaling

First, we had our lunch quite early because some of us hadn't eat anything since morning. Apal & Azery were damn hungry. Then, we planned to enter the Haunted Chamber but some of us didn't want it, so, we cancelled our plan. We just walk around the Times Square and then proceed to Low Yat Plaza.

lunch at food court

At Low Yat, Mimi bought a new digital camera. Samsung brand and pink in colour. She also bought an external hardisk which was quite cheap plus stylish. It's red in colour and the capacity is 320 GB. Azery bought a new Sony MP4 because his old shiny blue MP3 was stolen by a stupid thief.

Mimi bought a new camere.. the pink one.. so cute!

Camwhoring in Low Yat

When Apal and Azery were busy with their gadgets, the girls and I followed Wawa to buy a dozen of donuts. We ate them without Azery and Apal because we had lost contact with them. They were too busy choosing which gadgets they wanted to buy.

enjoying Big Apple donuts! Yum yum..

Then, we did some little shoping at Romp, Metrojaya, and FOS. I didn't shop anything since I got no extra money to spend, perhaps I'll just extend my patience until JPA bank in my scholar money.


Then, Wawa went back early because her mom was sick at home, like the whole family were sick during the past weeks. Then, we all went back to Bukit Jalil with many obstacles and difficulties. We got lost several times because none of us knew the roads around KL. We ended up making many U-turns in the same place. So funny...

After dinner at the tasik near Vista, we sent Mimi to the LRT because she's going back to Terengganu tonight.

Goodbye Mimi~

I'm star
ting to miss my friends again. I'll have to wait for another 6 months to meet them.


Mayu said...

we gonna miss u iwa..xpe,mggu dpn ak lepak IMU bberapa ari,dh tau dh jln nk gi IMU dr umah ak..x sesat lg dh..hehe

Unknown said...

haha.. bgsla apal.. bleh blnje aku lg..

cahaya wawa said...

heee.. iwa.. i don't want to go back to india.. iwa jomlah ikut kami pulang ke india.. heee...

next tym balik, leh lah njoy puas2 since JPA dah masukkan scholar ayte.. heee..

Unknown said...

next tym ko balik aku da sem 2.. mntk2 jpa mmg da kasi dwet.hehe..
rindu nk kuar same2 lg..

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