Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Week

More things happened this week...

1. Outing with Wawa, Apal & Senah

Last Monday, I went to Midvalley Megamall to meet my friends whom I haven't seen them for the past 6 months because they were all studying overseas. Apal studies at Jakarta, Indonesia and Wawa & Senah at Manipal, India.

I really missed them so badly. That day, we watched Slumdog Millionaire at GSC. I have downloaded this movie but lucky me, I haven't watch it yet. We walked quite a lot that day and it was very tiring, especially during the waiting for Senah and Apal to arrive. They came so late, and so, Wawa and I rounded the mall for several times.

I also took the chance to survey my favourites toys, Transformers at the Anime Tech, then I went to the cd shop to browse the Korean Artist cd and dissapointed because Girls' Generation cd was nowhere to be found in the shop. It's kinda weird because the new group, A Brand New Day cd was there. How come the most popular group in Korea, Girls' Generation cd wasn't there in the shop?

me & Senah

Apal & Wawa


me & Apal

part-time models

2. Recreational Activity

Suddenly, I feel so rajin to go to the park to jog and walk with my friends. Before this, I was hardly to be seen around the park to keep myself healthy. I prefer to sit at home rather than wasting my time jogging around the park. But if I got company like Anis, I wouldn't hesitate to join her.

We also tried the outdoor gym which is located near the hillside besides the restaurant. There are a lot of equipments to try, like the running things, the weight lifter and the gelek-gelek one.

Anis & I travelling across the globe

3. Malaysian Studies Bazaar

Last week, the Pharmacy Bazaar was quite a dissapoinment for me as it was quite boring. This time, the senior, P108 batch organised a bazaar at IMU. The theme was '5 Regions, 1 Nation'. The decoration and set were very stunting and beautiful. They divided the area into parts which represents each parts of Malaysia; North, West, East, South and Sabah & Sarawak. They sold multiple kind of delicious food but of course it was kinda expensive. Bazaar food always more expensive than the market price.

5 Regions, 1 Nation

with Azery

with my Oos

I tried the satay, laksa, mi siput, fish crackers as well as sirap selasih. The food was good, got the taste, the flavours as well as the originality.

In the evening, after class, I took the chance to play the congkak and batu seremban (or batu tujuh) with Anis, Ida and Bee. We played for quite a long time for about one hour. It's very enjoying playing these traditional games and have fun with my friends.

playing the congkak happily

Batu Seremban promoters

Ida & Anis

Batu Seremban professional player

Not forget, they served different type of performances during lunch time. For example, Zapin dance, Chinese intrumental and dikir barat.

zapin dance

Chinese instumental

The second day of the bazaar (Photos)


JohanPrinze said...

pandai kau main congkak ek?

Unknown said...

x pndai pn.. tu pun td br blaja.. haha..

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