Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Bella!

After several conflicts and misunderstanding, finally I managed to attend a small surprise birthday party for Bella. She's a wonderful friend that I know from INTEC during my A-Level years. She's small, cute (like she admit) and highly fashionable.

This party started at 8.20 pm according to Ida. She's the one who responsible in inviting me to join them. I come to their apartment at Vista B with Helmy, Anis and Azam. Azery couldn't make it tonight because he hadn't take a bath yet since he was still waiting for his turn to enter the bathroom by the time I left my apartment. Like I said before, there was some misunderstanding, therefore, he couldn't join us. Cipak also would be joining us tonight.

When we arrived at the doorstep and rang the bell, Najwa opened the door so quietly and whispered to us, asking us to hide somewhere else because the surprise party not yet started. Then, we just hide at the stairs, behind the fire resistant door. Then, Ida called me and invited us into their beautiful girlish apartment. There were Ida, Saffa, Najwa and Fadh in the house at the moment. At that time, Bella was out to buy dinner with one of her housemates, Aimi. Then, the cake arrived and we shared hugs and kisses because it had been months some of us didn't meet each other.

Some minutes later, Bella and Aimi arrived. We quickly switched of the lights and lighted the candles on the tempting Secret Recipe cake. As soon as Bella reached the table, we sang a Happy Birthday song for her. How sweet of us.. Then, Bella made a wish before cutting the chocolate cake. Then, we had cakes together, I ate two slices because I hadn't had my dinner yet. The girls already bought their food at the stall nearby. One of the interesting topics that we conversed was about Helmy's love secret. Helmy kept on denying about his private life. Aha, his not-first love story. Oooo oooo, oooo oooo yeah....

Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe

Bella posing with the cake


Enjoying our cakes

One big happy friends

After finishing my cake, we from the Vista C bid goodbyes to the Vista B residents. Anis had to go back with us because she was afraid walking alone especially with the presence of many foreigners around Vista. My earlier plan to buy food for dinner was canceled because the two slices of cakes already made my stomach full.

Happy Birthday Bella...

You are older now, which means there are a lot more of obstacles you need to face. I hope your dream to get a new boyfriends will come true. I hope your upcoming boyfriends will be as romantic as Edward Cullen whom you admire a lot.

*Too bad that Badd couldn't join us for the party. He's always around when we threw a party back then at Cemara. He's now struggling with his exam and busy planning his travel in India. We really miss you Badd. Please come home...


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