Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank You My Friends

Thanks my friends for giving me these memorable gifts...

1. Pencil holders from Uya & Pah (which was bought from Bangalore, India)

2. Narnia books which I ordered from Wawa because it is cheaper in India compared to Malaysia.

3. Couple t-shirt from Wawa even though it's kinda oversize.. hehe.. =)

4. Toys from Wawa also bought from India

So sweet of y guys.. Thanks a lot!


cahaya wawa said...

sorry incik LO.. sy x ukur pulak size kamu.. hee.. nex time i buy oversize pant lak utk kamu.. is it fine?? heeee

Unknown said...

oversize pants? baek ko bli kain pelekat je utk aku.. hehe..

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