Monday, February 23, 2009

Outing.. Again.. [the next day]

Today's outing wasn't as havoc and chaotic like yesterday because there were only three of us; me, Uya and also Pah. Today's goal was to shop around the Midvalley (not me of course due to financial matter). I just accompanied my friends walk around the building.

Both of them did buy something and I only bought a copy of Gempak and also a Pasta cooking book [to improve my survival skill]..

We had lunch in Kenny Rogers where Pah belanja me since I'm not afford to buy expensive lunch. Poor me.. ='(

I survey a lot of Transformers toys during this outing. First, we went to Jusco where there was almost nothing in the Transformers section, then to Metrojaya, still got many, then to Isetan in the Garden which interested me a lot and lastly to Anime Tech on the top floor of Midvalley where the loose toys (without box) sold were quite cheap. I just need to wait for my scholar to come ,maybe in less than a month from today. I also got other things to buy such as external hardisk, and also a webcam.

New camera? Maybe I'll just keep it in view. Mimi's new camera yesterday was quite reasonable to buy but I already asked my mom to buy a better and more expensive one, like the photographer one. But then, I was thinking about it. It's tedious to bring along during travel because it's kinda big and cannot be put into my jeans pocket like I used to do with my old digital camera. Poor camera, finally you got stolen by a stupid moron and force me to use my camea phone instead.

We also had a quick tour around The Garden, heaven for the rich. Because the shops there were highly branded. Even the toilet was named Premiere Toilet where you have to pay RM5. RM5 for toilet? I rather ran back to Midvalley to pee... It's free..

I had been very patient during my outing lately because I still got no chance to buy anything for myself. Money.. money.. money.. when will you come to me? Huk huk huk...

Goodbye my friends! I have to wait for another 6 months to meet you alls again. To Apal, if God allow, me might see each other in Jakarta during my travel later.

Take care~

Have a safe trip to I***a (some of them are very sensitive to this country's name) lol~


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