Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor Rabbit..

Today, there's something strange and unusual things happened in the park where my friends and I usually went for jogging. Usually, we could see birds, tortoises, mosquitoes, fishes and dog around the lake, but today there was an animal which doesn't belong to this park.

It's a hairy brown cute rabbit...

to make sure the rabbit didn't get away.. must hold everytime..

"crunch.. crunch.. yummy!" the rabbit muttered

Rabbit? How come there's a rabbit at the park? This place isn't like a Teletubbies land where you can find rabbits on the ground playing happily outside and inside their holes.

So, we took the chance to play around with the poor rabbit (play around?).. and also camwhoring like usual.

Anis & Cipak + Rabbit

me + rabbit

bee & me + rabbit

group photo

with two visitors

Moreover, Cipak also bought a carrot from a Tom Yam restaurant nearby which cause a little controversy with the waiters. They thought she wanted a carrot juice, but instead she asked the raw carrot. The waiters also had a little discussion on how much should they charge for the carrot and it ended up to be RM1 for it. Cipak said that she felt a bit embarassed when purchasing the carrot. Then we feed the hungry rabbit, very hungry. We enjoyed watching the rabbit eating the carrot with a crunchy crunchy sound, kinda cute.

I think that the rabbit was released by someone because it was quite tame. That someone must be reaaly stupid to release the rabbit there. The rabbit must had suffered a lot. What is it going to eat? Grass? Stupid...

Then we jogged like usual and before we went back, we hit the outdoor gym on the hill.


Mayu said...

what happen to da rabbit?korang bwk blk bela ke..klu ak dh wat sate kelinchi dh..haha

Unknown said...

haha.. xdela bwk blik.. aku tgglkn je kelinci tu kt ctu.. sape nk bela.. diri sendiri pn x terbela.. lgpn mane ade cage nk smpn die.. huhu..

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