Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just So You Know..

I'm currently following Boys Over Flowers drama. It's a Korean drama of course..

I love the soundtracks very much. Some song are happy, and some are sad. But a still like them. Plus, I also add them to my song playlist, which I played everytime I on my laptop; whether to finished up my lab reports, facebooking of photoshopping.

SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
T-Max - Paradise
SHINee - Stand By Me
Someday - Algoinnayo
Ashily - Lucky
Kim Yoo Kyung - Byeolbinnoonmool
Seo Jin Young - Jogeumeun
Tree Bicycle - One More Time

Like everytime I listen to these songs, I will definitely remember the story.. The difficulties in love between Jun Pyo and Jan Di.. And sometimes I felt touched by the drama. Like Anis said, I'm a sentimental person...

Should I be a sentimental person?


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