Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week..

Tuesday - Digital Day

I went to Low Yat with Azery, Helmy and also Anis to buy something. We all had something to buy which is external hard disc. We surveyed a lot of shops in the building and it was very tiring to get the best one with the reasonable price. At first, we all planned to buy Western Digital brand, but later we ended up buying 320 GB Seagate. It kinda costly since it's coloured, not just a plain metallic silver one. Helmy and I bought laptop cooling pad, and I also grabbed an additional USB port.

Then, we went to Times Square, had our dinner and continue with our mission. Helmy bought contact lens, while Azery was a bit dissapointed because we couldn't find a Swatch shop to replace his broken watch string. I also bought a new sweater from Romp, and belt from FOS.

Wednesday - Endah Parade je..

Because of my driving license was nearly expired, I asked Anis to accompany me to the post office at Endah Parade to renew my license and also transferred my money to my ASB account. However, I found out that I need to renew it at the JPJ because only the competent driving license can be renewed at the post office. Huh, what a disappoinment.. Then, how could I renew my license since everyday I got classes, no time to go back to Shah Alam to renew my license. Weekend, the JPJ office won't be opened.

Fariz and Cipak also followed us since they got things to buy. We met Ho Liaug, Eugene and Zhi Yi at CIMB Bank. I also got sick today. Suddenly, I got unstoppable sneezing and it's a sign that I would get flu. Back in my apartment, I slept throughout the night after consuming a highly sleepy flu pills.

Thursday - Spontaneous Outing

Today was a bad day for me. My shoes base suddenly 'tercabut' during the Biopharmacy practical lab. So, I had to walk by dragging my left leg and it's making sound kinda heardable by others. Irene suggested me to buy a shoe glue but I preferred buying a new shoes.

After lab, I asked Helmy to accompany me to Endah Parade (again?) to find a new shoes. During our way to the Vista C gate, Helmy told me that maybe he and Azery will go out this weekend to find a Swatch shop at Midvalley. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came up. We headed up to Azery's apartment and asked to join us. Instead of going to the lame Endah Parade, we switch our route to Midvalley. I was still sick today, with the remaining flu. But I brought my medicine as a backup.

The first shop we dropped by was the Swatch shop where Azery finally managed to replace his watch string. Then, we headed to Bata where I bought my leather shoes. Helmy was planning to buy a new shoes too but because of his feet were too small, no size suited him well. Later we went Radioactive and both Azery and Helmy took the chance to buy new shoes. It's kinda cheap though.

We had our dinner at the food court. Azery and I tried the Korean cuisine. Mine was BBQ chicken which consist of a bowl of rice, chicken, soup, kimchi, fishballs and also tea. When enjoying my meal, my mind suddenly refreshed about my trip to Korea last year. It was a memorable one.

Good news also, Azery's sister called him and told about a package which was sent to him. It was a package from Korea where Azery and I asked our friends there to buy stuff for us. I was very excited and impatient to see my Girls' Generation Gee album..

What a happy day..


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