Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Junior Vol. 3

Ffter listening to Super Junior new single entitled Sorry, Sorry, the full album is finally out. This might be a heavenly great news for Azery as he is so keen in Super Junior new album, is it? No, not really.. He's too busy with study until he didn't know about the new single.. However, I was too kind to spread the news to him, of course he's a bit shock about it.

At first I heard the song, it's like : OMG, so weird.. Their voice are kinda digital and techno and I was wandering how they gonna sing it live. But because Badd said that he listens to this song a lot of times, I decided to follow his step. It works, I'm starting to like this song.

This song is kinda like Gee, it's a fast track with many repeating words.. If in Gee, SNSD repeats 'Gee' many times, but in Sorry, Sorry, Super Junior repeats 'Sorry' many times. They came from a same company though, that's why it's kinda similar.

Sorry, sorry, sorry

I still haven't got the chance to listen to the full album yet, but I had listened to Why I Like You from the comeback performances at Music Bank. The song is okay for me..


Anonymous said...

hi.. guyz.. i found your blog just by randomly search about super junior.. firstly i am so envy of u can see suju in real person.. ah.. i am also malaysia but at that time i still not loving them.. i only quite interested in them recently.. actually i am dbsk fan, so i only got see dbsk in real person before.. haha.. and i am malaysian too, and i am a girl.. haha.. it's so good to find someone who like them, especially boy and furthermore u are malay! i am quite shock but felt really happy.. u all have such a good taste.. dun mind make a friend? my fs and msn maybe next time can go to see suju together? haha

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