Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pharmacy Bazaar

Last week, we were assigned to make an exhibition regarding Drug Abuse. My team requested 3 boards to put on our articles and also some photos.


On Monday which was the Thaipusam replacement holiday, our team gathered in IMU to set up and decorate our boards. I arrived quite late because I was from home in Shah Alam. Ridhwan said that some girls also arrived late. When I arrived, all the team members were there and also members from other teams. There were 5 teams in total, each one reperesent one topi cwhich were Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Smoking, Sex, and Herbal Medicine.

what's gonna work.. teamwork! (Wonderpets Song)

I took about 2 hours to complete our board. We were the last team who left IMU that afternoon. Nabila & Amirah we requested to buy us lunch from the pak cik in front of the Vista B. For the board, we made the border by using yellow coloured paper, decorated the articles by adding some coloured papers and also pasted the photos to the purple papers.

team members (except Aleen who went out with her dad)

I also had prepared free bookmarks for the exhibition. We were going to placed 60 bookmarks each day during the three-day bazaar. 3 designs were available which I used Adobe Photoshop to made them.

Our three boards

Pharmacy Bazaar

The bazaar was quite hectic and crowded because the atrium in IMU was so small. The bazaar took place during the lunch hour. They sold food and there was also free health check; vision test, and also blood pressure test. The donation box for Gaza fund also was placed in the bazaar.

signing like a celebrity

There were a lot of food sold, for example mee siam, fried bihun, nasi lemak, bubble tea, sushi, naan, cupcakes, muffin, blueberry tarts and RM6 nasi minyak. The food sold were quite more expensive than the usual market price. Some seniors also busy offering students to buy the coupons.

under the directions

with my Oos

with Ida boncit

Actually, not many people were bothered to read the exhibition boards. The lighting also was bad. It's quite dark around the board. Only my team offered free gift. The board opposite ours prepared a mini games for their board.

On the last day, we cleared our board and found that there's about less than 20 bookmarks left. Aleen took the used coloured papers to her house because she said that she will use back the papers. At least, we didn't have to throw away our workpieces...

Special thanks to my team members which are my ex-classmates from INTEC.

Thanks to Gaik Cheng also for taking our photos when we were busy setting up the board.

Thanks to JC who gave us extra work carrying the tables to the atrium.



JohanPrinze said...

aku nk sign jugak kt board tu!
sebab aku support jugak! LOL.

Unknown said...

haha.. meh la cni sign.. board tu pun da ilang gamaknye..

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