Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bowling Time!

Last Thursday, after having a mouthful Chinese buffet food at Panda, The Quay, I joined my friends playing bowling at AMF Bowling which is located just across the restaurant. Despite my busyness with assignments and presentation, I still managed to steal some time to have fun with them. Even though we had eaten at Panda last month, this time was quite different. Usually we went for lunch buffet, but today we had evening buffet instead. It's a bit more expensive than lunch, but quite satisfying because the food served was more variable. They served more seafood like prawns and mussels.

We played bowling for about 3 hours from 9.30 pm till 12.30 am. It's like OMG! Played until bored. However, it's quite worthy since we only paid £8 for the whole 3 hours. It's a Thursday special promotion. Sangat berbaloi! You know, it's been a while since I last played bowling. In Malaysia also, I rarely play bowling except once in a blue moon.

Tonight's plan was planned by Alex, Chei Wan, Wanli & Farrah. My flatmates and I only decided to join in the very last minute. We booked two lanes; 4 and 3 pax respectively. First we warmed up for the first two rounds before the games got very serious. The more we played, the tighter the scores be. It was definitely fun especially when we saw Alex accidentally threw the ball backwards. Luckily the ball didn't hit anyone. Lol

Wanli lead the scoreboard with >100 for every sets he played! Terer sangat! I played so-so je. Not so good though.

We finished our games when the staff told us that the place gonna close soon. Macam kena halau gitu. We were kinda the last persons who left the place that night.

What a fun and enjoying night! Sangat puas dapat main bowling without any restrictions and limitations! 


*sorry for the low quality image, I didn't bring my big camera.. XD


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