Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Winter Trip Day 2 - Nevis Range

We had our breakfast at the dining area with the waffle and tuna that I brought from home. I had hot choc plus coffee as my drink. It's very convenient these drinks were provided for free. I think we were the earliest to wake this morning since all of our dorm mates were still in their deep slumber. We got prepared very carefully so that we didn't make any noise. During breakfast, the Spanish guy from our dorm also went down to online and have breakfast. This hostel is sure the best in Scotland. The staff was friendly even though he was a bit drunk.

We checked out the hostel at quarter past nine. We went directly to the same bus station as yesterday to take a bus to Nevis Range. Our plan for today was to play ski and sledge at Nevis Range. We bought two sledges yesterday. We took the 9.40 am Stagecoach bus (service 41) to reach there. It took 20 minutes from Fort William to Nevis Range. The weather was a bit rainy and cold like usual. According to our dorm mate yesterday, he told us that Fort William has the highest rainfall in UK. No wonder it rains everyday.

From Fort William to Nevis Range

We couldn't decided properly what should we play first for today. After discussing for a moment, we decided to play sledge first and later at noon we were planning to go down again to hire the ski equipment. That was our initial plan. The ticket for gondola + full day beginner area is £15. Only Beginner Area was opened today. The journey on the gondola to reach the top of the mountain took 15 minutes. As we were reaching the top, we got excited when seeing the snow there. Iyela, Glasgow dah lama tak snow kan.. Jadi jakun kejap...
As predicted, it was cold up there. Plus the wind was a little bit extreme. Awal2 lagi sledge dah melayang ditiup angin. We walked further up the mountain and saw a couple already started playing with their sledges. Without patience, Wanji played first followed by Anis. I was still busy capturing photos during that time. Then, suddenly Wanji told me that the sledge had cracked after he hit a rock. Ish3... But luckily we could still use it. I played several rounds before the wind went rough. Not just the wind, hail also fall accompanying the wind  It was very painful when the ice hit me especially on my face. Sakit sangat, until I couldn't open my eyes properly. Then, I headed into the restaurant to take shelter. At that time, Anis and Wanji were lost in action. I didn't where were they at that time. After a moment, Wanji also went inside the restaurant.

When the wind had resolved a bit, we headed outside again to continue playing with our sledge. We tried different areas but the best was still at our initial place. We had our lunch at the restaurant. I ordered a cup of cappucino. 

At 12.30 pm, we were planning to went down to hire the ski equipment for half day. We were so unlucky today because the gondola guy told us that if we went down, we wouldn't be allowed to go up again because of the strong wind. The place was closed for today and they tried to evacuate people as soon as possible. Takde rezeki nak main ski hari ni..

So, after performing our prayer at the gondola station, we went outside for the last time to make snowman. It was just a small snowman and we decorated it with our scarf, specs and beanie. The wind was still blowing strongly outside. After finished playing with our snowman, we took the gondola to go down the mountain. Sedih tau..

We spent the rest of the day touring Fort William. We walked to Ben Nevis Highland Centre to shop for more souvenirs. The shop is very big but I found out the souvenirs were repetitive. It was merely the same with other shops that we went before. I bought a couple of fridge magnets and a badge pin. We also dropped by a charity shop and ended up buying a novel. 

We had dinner at Morrisons again. This time we tried different menu which was Vegetable Lasagna. As usual, the food here never failed to impress us. Sedap dan mengenyangkan! =)

Finally, this trip came to an end. We boarded our bus back to Glasgow at 7.10 pm. There were quite a lot people boarded the bus because it was almost full.

After 3 hours, we reached Glasgow. Safe and sound although we still haven't reach our goal to play ski. Gonna have to plan for another trip this year. 


PahPihPuh said...

This is so informative!
Hope Kak Pah and the rest will also enjoy our trip to Fort William as well as you guys did.


Unknown said...

Hey Kak Pahmela,

Thanks for dropping by! Really hope that this info helps u..

Selamat berski~

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