Friday, January 13, 2012

Fariz's Burpday

Before I'll start writing about this topic, let's give a big round of applause to myself because this is my 500th blog post! *clap clap clap!* What an achievement!

Okay, let's start writing.. Yesterday (11.01.12) was Fariz's birthday. Although everyone was quite busy with labs and so on, we still got time to gather and had an awesome dinner, although most of the food was a bit spicy. We had already surprised her with a cake at 12 am that night so I thought a dinner party would be nice to celebrate her birthday properly. This dinner was also a surprise for her. We had to cooperate and act to make sure she didn't know about the party.

Menu for that night were briyani rice (there were two version; one was spicy and one wasn't), madras chicken curry, hot & spicy fried chicken, salads, fritters and of course another birthday cake. This time, my turn to bake. I made a triple layered chocolate and vanilla cake topped with melted chocolate. I baked the cake after I came back from my lab. They said it was yummy.. =d

Here are the photos from the event.. =)

Retis kena banyak gambar sket malam ni.. hehe..

Friends since 2006.. =)

Choc-Vanilla-Choc cake


To Fariz Lolli_not_licious,

Happy Birthday yang ke XX!

Semoga dipanjang umur, dimurahkan selalu dan joyah2 selalu.. Joyah rules!



LoLLy~ said...

tepi tepi! retis nak komennn..tudiaaa tak sempat ahkak nak buat entry ko dah tules..kih3..betol lah kek sedap boleh buat lagik! spatotnye boleh jd surprise tp sbb sorg tuh...huehuehue

Unknown said...

retis sgt ko.. xyh bagi laluan pun ko dah komen kan..

sape la yg buat spoil ni.. hish3..

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