Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Winter Trip Day 1 - Fort William

Just a day after Aleen's birthday party, I went up north to Fort William joined by Wanji and Anis. Yup, only three person travelled together this time, two were down with the fever. So I officially called this trip as 'Trip Jejoyah'. We had booked the bus tickets about a month ago and the price was very reasonably cheap, only £8 for a return journey

The journey started from Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station and we arrived at Fort William Bus Station in less than 3 hours later. The weather was very bad today since the Met Officer had released a weather warning. Strong wind expected today. The journey to the north was quite challenging, we could heard the strong wind slammed the bus windows. And it was raining heavily too. It was horrible. But alhamdulillah, we safely reached our destination on time.

From Glasgow to Fort William

First, we went to Morrisons to grab some hot chocolate for breakfast with our own food brought from Glasgow. The Cadbury hot choc here was awesome. It was very rich in flavour. After a while when the rain had stopped, we headed outside and walked around the town. The town is quite small though. There are few rows of shops, a museum, hostels, hotels, restaurants and other buildings in the town. We first went into the Information Centre to find out what should we do for today. We bought a few souvenirs here as well. I bought a few postcards and a key chain. The lady suggested us to go to the West Highland Museum and we also asked for a bus route to Nevis Range tomorrow. 

After getting sufficient information, we went to the museum but it was closed. Apekah? Info centre yang kurang tepat. Harus dipecat serta merta.. So we just took photos here and there before deciding to find our hostel. The Fort William Backpackers is located up on the hill on Alma Road. We took some time to search for it, and the weather made it more difficult. We managed to find it after phoning the hostel staff. The GPS and google map weren't much helpful.

We waited at the common room while waiting for the reception to opened. The place was very comfortable and warm. We took the chance to eat and pray here before receiving our room keys. Guests were allowed to use the kitchen here. They provide microwave, kitchenware and utensils for us to us. Plus, hot chocolate and coffee are free! Wanji buat 2 kali terus..

At night, we went out to town again hoping to find a place for dinner. At first we found a fish & chip restaurant but the price was totally ridiculous, £6 for fish & chips only. So we walked around first to find other restaurants. We ended up eating at Morrisons again. We tried the fish & chips. It was yummy and the best! The fish fillet was soft and the batter was crunchy. The peas (which I don't usually like) surprisingly tasted like corns. We were all so fulled tonight and very satisfied with the price of £4 including a drink. There was a promotion, 2 meals for £8.. Berbaloi2...

Back in the hostel, we had a chit chat in our room until 11 pm before we snoozed off... Zzzzzz~ 

Syukur tiada apa2 yang terjadi semasa perjalanan ke Fort William. Angin kencang memang mencemaskan! Dalam otak dah terbayang benda pelik2.. Alhamdulillah.. =)


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