Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lab Fun

My research lab session is officially over today. We don't have to go to lab tomorrow as we already finished doing our experiment. Now we only need to do some analysing and interpreting our data for the identification of our compounds. Geoff will do the NMR for us and he will meet us later to discuss about our introduction and draft methods.

Here are the collection of the photos taken during the lab session using my phone.



TLC & Reflux

Geoff performed a 'magic' show

Filtration & Reflux

Our own 'magic' show.. =p

TLC plates

Infrared Spectoscopy


Visiting other occupants of the lab.. hihihi..

Melting point determination

Esther, me & Alex

I wanna thank all of my lab-mates who helped me a lot. I know I'm very quiet in the lab, didn't really talk much.

I didn't realise how fast time flies. We finished our lab earlier than scheduled. That means many datelines need to be catch up. I only got less than two weeks to prepare for my Pharm Care presentation. Oh my.... One month to write CPP essay.. Oh my.... Two month to write Pharm Care case report.. Oh my....



LoLLy~ said...

ko belom kire submit result and class test biopharm lagi, and blom workshop2 pharmcare lagik..zzzzzzz

Unknown said...

kalo kire semua, kne buat blogpost lain.. haha..

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