Sunday, November 20, 2011


Despite of our hectic university life, my housemates and I managed to steal some time to play paintball yesterday. We have to do our introduction writing for our research project which need to be submitted within 5 days. Luckily I have started writing a bit so I have less worry about it.

We gathered in front of University of Glasgow at 8.30 am and boarded our bus there. This paintball event was organised by Glasgow University Malaysian Society (GUMS) and they also invite some Strathclyde University students to make the event merrier. However, not so many people joined this event, only 14 of us were in the bus. I think this might be because Stratclyde University Malaysian Society (SUMSOC) had organised the same event few weeks ago so people didn't want to come and play again.

Delta Force Paintball is located somewhere near the Glasgow Airport in Paisley. About 20-30 minutes drive from Glasgow. The game fee is £13 inclusive of 50 paintballs, a suit and a gun. We brought our own lunch for today. 14 of us were sorted into two groups; orange and white. We were mixed with other players as well, mostly locals. There were a lot of kids playing too, but in different teams. Wanji, Duwe, Joe and me were in the orange team.

We started our game at around 10 am up until 3.30 pm. Our first game was kinda difficult. It took place in pyramid setting. Since this was our first game, we were still blur during this game. However, the result turned out to be a draw. Second game was quite interesting. It took place in a forest settings. We played two parts: first attacking and later defending. It's a draw as well. We missed the third game because we had to perform our Dhuhr and Asr prayer plus lunch time. Our team mates said that it's a draw as well. We purchased extra paintballs because the initial 50 weren't enough to last until the final game. Fourth game was in the open space barrel area. This time we won despite having controversy during the first round. The fifth game back in the forest but different area. We had to conquer several huts in order to win. Sadly, we were heavily beaten 5-0. After this game, we cleaned up ourselves to return home. There was a sixth game actually, but we left the locals to play because it's nearly dark.

Well, it was very "paint-full" getting hit by the bullets. Seriously, it was. The bullets gave several bruises on my arms and legs. However, the game was joyful and I did enjoyed playing it. The last time I played paintball was 6 years ago in Perlis.

paintball leftovers..

Back in Glasgow, Nuaim came by and brought rice with several duck dishes. It was yummehhhh... Alhamdulillah... =d


rice with various duck dishes


LoLLy~ said...

eh aku nampak muke lelaki2 baru,,ehem2..cecite cecite

Unknown said...

lol.. nampak aje.. bdk brunei 2 org..

LoLLy~ said...

brunei..ahah! menarek

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