Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harry Potter Page to Screen

I bought this wonderful from since it was quite cheaper compared to the original price. Harry Potter Page to Screen is like an encyclopedia of Harry Potter films covering behind-the-scenes photos and info, locations of filming, marvelous props, animatronic beasts, fantastic costumes and details about each characters. It was written by Bob McCabe.

Retail price for this book is £49.90 but I bought it from for £26.90 which was merely at a half price. It was really worthy buying this book since I have been liking Harry Potter series some years ago. 

I remembered the first time I bought Harry Potter books was during my lower secondary. I knew about the books from my friend who brought them to the class. Few days later I asked my mom to buy the books and then we went to MPH Bookstores at Giant Section 13. So we bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone up till Goblet of Fire. It costs my mom more than RM100.. hihihi...

Then when rest of the books come out, I bought them using my own money. I bought Order of the Phoenix during my way to balik kampung. We dropped by Bangsar Shopping Centre and bought the book from Times Bookstore. Since I got a discount coupon cut from newspaper, I got 30% discount. But still the price was RM70+.

Half-Blood Prince was out during my year at MRSM Beseri. During school holiday, I have pre-ordered it from MPH and when my mom came to visit me few month later she brought the book along. Sweet! However, I felt shocked because the book wasn't in children cover design, instead it was an adult. It alters my collection greatly. Dah tak sama dah dengan buku yang lain.. =(

Deathly Hallows wasn't a problem for me to buy it since it was released during my years at INTEC. I could simply pre-ordered it from MPH and then collected it when it was released. The best thing when I ordered books from MPH was that they would give me RM20 voucher and sometimes more than that. =)


Okay, back to this latest book. Harry Potter Page to Screen is a must have book for Harry Potter fans. I knew one other person who owned this book as well.

This book is very huge and thick with 532 pages. It's bigger than I've expected, and heavier than I thought! However, I still haven't read all parts of the books yet, just managed to browse through the photos. 

Here are some photos of the book contents...

Now Harry Potter saga has already ended with both happy and misery ending. Let's hope that someday JK Rowling will write a book about Albus Severus Potter. =)


Ksiang said...

hi,u order this book from malaysia?

Unknown said...


nope, i ordered it when i studied in uk.. now i'm back in malaysia.. :)

Ksiang said...

oh..ok..thanks for ur info..=)

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