Monday, November 14, 2011

Nottingham Games 2011

Alright, after Edinburgh Games which was held few weeks ago I joined another trip to Nottingham for Nottingham Games pulak. Reason? Not for sport again, just to hang around taking photos.

Nottingham is situated further down from Glasgow which consumed 6 hours journey by bus. Luckily University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde had join venture to organise a bus trip together so we could go at a cheaper price. The ticket cost £28 plus £2 membership for Malaysian Society. The fee includes one meal (sandwich and mineral water). This trip was also joined by my housemates Wanji & Duwe, Hanafiah, Aleen, Bee, Kaklong, Najhan and a few of my batchmates and juniors as well. We left Glasgow at around 1.00 am and reached Nottingham at 7.30 am after series of stops along the way. There was a drunk kid in the bus yielding a nasty vomit twice during the journey. Yuxxx~ *sesak nafas*

It was colder in Nottingham to my surprise. Even colder than Glasgow. It's cold and damp. Tonnes of Malaysian came from all over UK and Ireland. The games organised were futsal, netball, badminton, table tennis, basketball and many others. Wanji played 5-side futsal, some of my batchmates played netball while majority of us played nothing. So our first stop after Sport Centre was South Portland building where Malaysia food festival took place. Then we walked through the parks and lakes. We spent most of our times photographing here before we headed to the Power League to watch futsal match.

Power League is located somewhere further. Very far, we walked about 40 min to reach there. Along the way, we dropped by a post office and I bought a few postcards as souvenirs. We reached the league in a tiring mode. We didn't really watch the match, instead we gathered on a very huge field sitting and eating our lunch. Wanji main pun kitorang tak tengok. I bought popiah and shared with Azery. I ate my lunch which were nasi lemak sambal bilis and donuts which I brought all the way from Glasgow.

After Wanji finished his match, we headed back to the campus to perform our prayer. There's a Muslim prayer room in the South Portland building. We had a rest there until dusk. Before that we took a little tour inside the food festival. Many food were served such as nasi ayam, nasi lemak, laksa Sarawak, cendol, satay and kuih-muih. I met Miss Eti who was once a lecturer at INTEC selling food here. We met several IMU students in the prayer room; Karim from Edinburgh, Akmal from Manchester and others. At that time, Aleen, Bee and Kaklong were busy downstairs searching for food.

Night came by. The weather was getting colder. We headed to the Sport Centre because there was a final futsal match. After the game ended, we returned back to our bus and had another 6-hour journey back to Glasgow. 

What a day! It was very tiring with the huge amount of walking but at the same time it was fun!



PahPihPuh said...

Tonnes of Malaysian came from all over UK and Ireland ye!!

mini Malaysia tauu!ho yeahhh
drunk kid tu umur bawah 18 ke?
*manner sgt

Unknown said...

mini malaysia di hatiku.. drunk kid tu over 18 rasenye.. tak sedar diri.. takde responsibility.. menci..

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