Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Gift From Heart

Ewaaah, tetiba tajuk post kali ni macam agak emosi dan sentimental sikit. But that's not the point. Tonight I'm going to write about things that have become the norms among my friends *but not all of them* and also myself, which is about gifts and presents. Yeah, this topic might be simple, but not all people could deeply understand it.

Well, for me gifts and presents are all about things that can make the ones who received it feels happy and joy, that includes family and friends. It is undeniable that people will be extremely happy when they received something from you either as gifts or souvenirs, cheap or expensive stuffs, small or big presents and it doesn't really matter what you gave them as long as the intention came from your heart. Not something that you want to boast about. I'm happy when someone gave me something. And I'm happy too when seeing people wore or used stuffs that I gave them. =)

When any of my friends' birthday is coming soon, I will be very excited in searching for the suitable birthday present for he/she/them. Not too perfect, but an ideal gift should be something that they need, they like, or they want. You can ask them directly what they want, but if you want to plan something surprise for them, you can ask from their close friends such as room mates, house mates & 'BFFs' about what they really really want. Sometimes it works well for me, but sometimes it is quite difficult because others might not know what they really wants.

I always have my own budget in buying gifts. If in Malaysia, I keep the budget around RM10-20, but it can go higher if it is for someone special like best friend or ehem ehemm... But here in Scotland, I have to make a new budget since the currency here is quite very high. Maybe under £10 should be ideal. *RM50 kau untuk seorang, matilaaaaa*. If I bought a gift which is way too under the budget, I'll usually add something else like chocolates, cards etc.

Since two of my close friends' birthday are coming soon in December, I already started planning what to buy for them. Yes, it is a very thoughtful of me. *ecece, perasan gila*, despite I will be having a Drug Delivery System class test this Friday. Online sites such as Ebay and Amazon.uk might be helpful if you are lazy to go out for a shopping spree, especially during this raining season *the snow is very shy to fall down early this year, so we have rain instead*. Plus, they might have winter sales coming down soon. Things will get cheaper too! I heard that there is a Christmas market in the city. I still haven't got the chance to see the place.

No need to be so stingy in life. Life is short and you might want to do something good to people around you. If you friends can give you birthday presents, why not you? You could spend hundreds of ringgit or pound to buy gadgets and cool stuffs but you never gave your friends any presents? That's pathetic..Bukankah tangan yang memberi itu lebih baik daripada tangan yang menerima? If I translate it, it will sound like this "giving is better than receiving". Betul tak?

tahun depan nak hadiah best2 boleh tak? =p

By the way, happy studying peeps! Winter breaks is coming in 3 weeks time! =)

InsyaAllah we'll do well in the test if we practice  "usaha, doa & tawakkal" well..


LoLLy~ said...

buatla wishlist baru sng :p

Unknown said...

wishlist aku mmg tak termampu korang nk bagi.. haha..

amirahms said...

ewah ewah menarik sgt post ni...len drpd post2 biase..hehe...ape wishlist ko yg kteorg x mampu bagi sgt tu? :P belum cuba belum tau..

Unknown said...

wanji pon kate post kali ni agak berbeda.. biasa tulis story je kan, kali ni tulis pasal random thought..
wishlist aku byk, jgn memain.. haha..

LoLLy~ said...

memang la banyak...xkn bolehla nak dipenuhi semua...mane tau kan cik mimirara

Unknown said...

okeh2, nnt taun depan aku post wishlist aku.. harap korang boleh tunaikan.. =)

cik izars said...

elok sgt la tuh bley pos hadiah kat aku sekali..wahhahah:P

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