Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn Picnic | Rottenrow Gardens

Just a day after my return from Edinburgh, my classmates planned a picnic for Duwe in conjunction of his birthday. We had our picnic at a garden not too far away from our residence hall which was at Rottenrow Gardens or is it architecture garden?? Hmmm, I'm not too sure...

I left the cooking job to the girls and they came out with spaghetti carbonara, pizza, and fruit milky cocktail. I have prepared a milo birthday cake and salty chicken sausages. The menu was simple, but yet managed to feed our hungry stomach. It was lunch time by the way.

The weather was nice to us, neither too sunny nor too windy. It wasn't raining as well. We set our canvas mats under a drying tree near the steel pole monuments. However, the grasses were quite damp and all shoes were badly messed with mud. 

We spent about an hour or two eating and photographing. Then we took a group photo before packing up and went back to our halls.


Setting up

4 + 1

Look here~

Food served



Baru mula makan dah kena ambil gambar

Steel monument yang dah agak berkarat
Trick or Treat

Birthday boy

5 orang

Di bawah pohon luruh

Autumn in my heart

Glasgow's wanita melayu terakhir

Nak tunjuk baju Hard Rock

Happynya dapat present


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