Saturday, November 5, 2011

Malaysian Scottish Games | Edinburgh

Last weekend I joined a trip to Edinburgh to watch the Malaysian Scottish Games which is conducted annually by Malaysian students there. Since I'm here for one year only, so I decided to go there to take some photographs because I'm not really in to sports. Wanji and I took bus on Friday night and spent a night at Karim's house. He was our senior back then in IMU. The other student from Glasgow took train in the next morning.

This sports festival was held at Meadowbank Sports Centre which is reachable by bus from Karim's place. We arrived at the stadium at around 9 am and met the others there. Futsal games started at 11 am, so  we watched badminton tournament first. Lots of people entered the gmaes such as Faiz & Julia, Abg Nukman, Abg Sharifuddin & Abg Ikram etc.

Wanji & Meadowbank
When the futsal started, I jumped from one game to another to capture photos. Some times I was near the futsal arena, and some times I spent my time in the badminton court. The weather was extremely windy and cold. The breeze kept on attacking my face bringing sands along. =.=


badminton courts

Kawan2 yang baru kenal beberapa minggu lepas

Abang Nukman played Men's Single

Men's Double

Mixed Double - 2nd Place
Table tennis

Futsal team briefing

Watak utama dalam futsal

Three-coloured trees.. Very pretty =)

Wanji main kasar nampaknya..

Tu diaaaa, Watson Nyambek menyerang dengan pantas!

Nothing much I did here except taking photos. We had lunch at the lounge. Some Malaysians opened their booths here selling Malaysian cuisines ranging from nasi lemak, nasi ayam, nasi hujan panas, cendol, karipap, popiah and many more. I ended up buying nasi hujan panas and it was gooooddddd. It was served with ayam masak merah and veggies.

Some of the games results were out already with Faiz & Julia won second place in mixed double badminton and other Glasgow players also won in men's double and men's single although the futsal team didn't make it to the top 3. 

I didn't get the chance to watch other games such as basketball, dota, congkak and squash. Maybe I'll watch them in the next Malaysian Glasgow Games.. =)

We spent the rest of our day walking around the city, entering shops by shops. And one of the compulsory shop to visit was Forbidden Planet! It's a toy shop. There is one in Glasgow and Manchester. But the one in Manchester is way bigger and the toys are much cheaper than any other places. I grabbed a Harry Potter Lego set.

My lovely Lego! Tapi mahal! Benci kau!

While waiting for our bus to Glasgow, we had a coffee time at Costa, Princess Mall. After one hour or so we headed to Edinburgh Bus Station to catch our bus.

*malas gila nak edit gambar or letak gambar banyak2... malas2..


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