Friday, November 11, 2011

Photoshoot #3 | Clyde River Bridges

Yesterday, my housemates and I went out to buy some kitchenware from Bonnypack which is located somewhere across the Clyde River. It wasn't very near, a lot further than Glasgow Central Station and Glasgow Central Mosque. Bonnypack is a cash & carry stores selling a range of stuffs from toys, gifts, kitchenware, electronics, housewares, clothes and many others. We knew this shop from Joe.

Since we knew that we would be crossing over the bridge, so we brought our DSLRs together for photography trip even though the weather was quite gloomy with light shower. I just realised that there are more than 20 bridges which cross the Clyde River connecting both sides. You can see the bridge list in one of the photos below. Plus, the bridges aren't just normal bridges, they were built with great architecture. We only managed to photograph two bridges which were Carlton Place Suspension Bridge and another white bridge.

We only had two bridges because time was a limiting factor that day. We had to rush back to perform our prayer.

Since we went back by assessing Argyll Street, we took the chance to took this bling-bling steel reindeer in front of the WHSmith bookstore. This baby is so amazing, there is one in St Enoch Shopping Mall as well. :)

And look what I bought from Bonnypack! My new baby, Ultimate Optimus Prime. It was surprisingly cheaper compared to its retail price. =)


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