Saturday, October 3, 2009

Malam Kemuncak Citra & 'Gadis di Kuburan' Theatre

Party for MCW '09 Volunteers

Got makan-makan today. It started at 6.30 pm at LT2. I came with Aleen and Bee. After collecting my badge from Kak Liyana, we happily enjoyed our food. Today's menu were chicken rice, jelly, syrup and watermelon.

MCW'09 badge for volunteers

Ida menikmati makanan.. yum yum~

Najwa makan dengan gelojohnya..

Mak Inang & Dayang

Malam Kemuncak Citra

We stayed until tonight's event started. We picked seats at the middle to get a good view for the theatre later.

At first, not so many students came. It's quite empty in the LT2. However, as the show went on, the seats were filled gradually.

Here were the series of events that took place last night:

'Asmaradana' dance by UPM students

'Wau Bulan' dance by IMU students
This dance was kinda cute. :)

Speech by Project Director pf MCW'09, Azree Ali

Speech by the Advisor of Malay Cultural Society, Pn. Normah

Speech by YBhg Tan Sri Dato' Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman

'Zapin' dance by UPM students

Multimedia presentation



Theatre [Gadis di Kuburan]

The story started off quite slow, kinda boring at first. But later, the story became funny and interesting especially during the scene of Datin Salimah aka Datin Sally. Many parts had been very hilarious which made us wanted to stay till the end. There was also a live band performance by IMU students since this was a musical theatre. The casts included Muna (as Zara), Kamal (Rizal), Izaidi (Hariz) and ????? (Datin Salimah).

Some notable lines:

"Jangan kau hina mata aku"

"PERRRGGGGIIIIIIII" *high note* "Mata itu bukan mata Zara"

Some funny lines were such as:

"Kamu dari mana? Kampung Cinta Sayang?"

"Sedangkan sofa pun kau tak mampu belikan. Kau nak aku duduk atas apa? Atas tikar mengkuang ni? TV ni jenama apa? Sonia?"

Most of the funny dialogues came from Datin Sally. She's so grand, lip lap lip lap *bling2* everywhere. Love the character!

Aleen with a rose given by Zara.. *Jah menyibuk*

MCW'09 program book made by me

EOS is coming up next week. I hope I can be fully prepared for it.

Wish me luck! :)


cahaya wawa said...

good luck~~

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