Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bukan Legasi Lalang

Even though I was quite busy with study and doing revision for my EOS, I still managed to steal some hours to watch a Malay theatre at IMU. I had asked Lukman to buy me a ticket for the show. This theatre was one of the activity for Malay Cultural Week.

I came not just to watch the play but also to support my friends who starred in the theatre which were Aleen, Bee, Fariz, Jah etc.. There's a lot of people I know and there's also a lot of people I never know existed in IMU.

Lukman, Azery and me

Wanji and Mije

The theatre was kinda serious such that we were instructed to switch off/silent our handphones and we were also not allowed to walk in/out whenever we like.

The show started quite late, about half an hour delay. As soon the show gonna start, the lights were dimmed.

The theatre entitled Bukan Legasi Lalang, and the storyline was about the old Malacca, mainly focused on Hang Jebat's descendants.

Here are several screenshots from the play:

Tun Hakim & Tun Mustafa


Hang Jebat

Hang Tuah.. memang mantap, nyanyi 3 lagu gitu..

Tun Teja tua, sangat emosional.. sangat menJADI! 5 bintang untuk Jah!

Tun Teja with Mak Inang

Hassan and Tun Teja

Tun Mustafa marry Tun Teja??? wth?

And also some videos:

Para pelakon dengan seronoknya menari bersama dayang2.. :)
Tp, laki nari xbes..

Aksi pertarungan Tuah & Jebat


The crews & casts

Aleen 'Mak Inang' with me

Tun Te'Jah', Azery, Mak 'Leen'ang and Pean

After that, we followed Azam and Fadh to have a supper an McD. I ordered a McChicken Large McValue Meal + Sundae to satisfy my appetite centre. Plus, I got a free blue contour glass..



nabila ibrahim said...

ak nak dua2 nari n lawan tuan n jebat..nnti emailkan kat ak..

Hazwan Samian said...

mane bleh emel syg oiii..
besa la file die..

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