Thursday, September 10, 2009

Badd, Chili's and Final Destination

Today, which in 090909, I had a great day. Not specifically me, but us!

I planned to go out with Badd, my best friend whom I haven' seen him for one year. He's currently on holiday from studying at Manipal, India.

We went to KLCC to buka puasa together. He arrived first, while Ida, Bella and I arrived later since I have to wait for the girls to finished their class. Lucky me who had no class today.

We went to Chili's to reserve place for our buka puasa but according to the worker, no reservation is allowed. He said that we need to queue up at about 6.00 pm to get our own place. Since it's still early, we went to TGV next door to buy our tickets, for Final Destination 3D. The show was at 8.15pm. Then, we asked Ida to stay in front of Chili's while the three of us went downstairs to perform our Asar prayer.

Decorations in Suria KLCC based on Lat's drawing, with music players as well..

After pray, while waiting for Bella, I dropped by Toys R Us to look for some Transformers toys as usual. I was so rambang mata and didn't know what to buy. Finally, I decided to purchase Deluxe Jolt, Legend Sideways, Legend Ironhide and also a mystery for Pah's belated birthday present. She asked me for a Transformers toy.

Then, we headed upstairs and see Ida was chitchatting with a girl whom later she introduced as her primary school friend. Ida was queuing, and it was a LONG queue. Luckily Ida's position was quite towards the front.

Long queue
while waiting

At about 6.30 pm, we were allowed to go in. Then we ordered our meal and continued waiting for buka puasa time, which was about 50 minutes to go. In the meantime, we filled the time to borak2 sakan and also laughed a lot. It was really a funny talk, more hilarious when Badd was around.

budak2 jakun.. lol..

colourful tempting drinks - mango, grapeade, sprite, apple

Finally, the food has come!

The Food

chicken & portobello mushroom

lamb shank

monterey chicken

chicken & prawn with rice


The food were quite even though it's kinda pricey. We really enjoyed our meal. Mostly, the meal is served with a huge portion of mashed potato and also mixed vegie. The sauce also taste very good! Love it! The mashed potato was the one who made us full until the throat.

After Maghrib, we rushed up to the cinema, and watched the movie. Frankly speaking, the 3D was AWESOME! This was my and Badd's first time watching 3D movie and second time for Ida and Bella after Ice Age several months ago. I mean, the effects were great! We did feel the scary and shocking moment of the movie. The things kept on popping into our eyes and made us screamed a lot! Ida kept on bugging me saying that still couldn't stand watching such a thriller movie. The movie was quite okay, even though most of the characters were brought by freshies. I didn't know any of the main leads.

bergaya dengan 3D specs

The movie finished quite earlier than our expectation. Before heading back to Vista, with Badd who will stay at my house tonight, we bought some Rotiboys for our sahur.

in the train

Vista C

After bidding goodbyes and good night to Ida and Bella who stayed in Vista B, I called Helmy to come to my house tonight to meet Badd. I asked Azery to come also but he never showed up. He's kinda busy with his overloading works.

Badd gave me a pair of shades as my belated birthday present while Helmy got a t-shirt. Ida, Bella and Azery's present also were here but Badd haven't handed them to their respective owners yet.

Badd & Helmy

Now, Badd was sleeping, while I was busy with this post. Haha, I really love my blog being updated on time.

Ahh, and it's kinda warm in this room, not windy at all..


cahaya wawa said...

wah2.. sakan ek masing2.. =)

Unknown said...

haha, mmg sakan.. kalah mak datin.. ooops~

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