Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely Sunday To Be With You..

Cewaahh, romantis sungguh title post kali ini..

Today, as planned, I went out [again...] with my lovely had-not-seen-for-six-months friends. There are all my besties since from INTEC. We used to hang out together back then at INTEC.
Today's participants would be [in the list who arrived first at the meeting place]:

1. Farah aka Mimi
2. Wawa
3. Uya
4. Jiji [bukan nama sebenar]
5. Iwa [nama samaran]
6. Azery
7. Badd

Mimi, Wawa, Uya and Jiji came first, to teman Mimi buying her first laptop at Low Yat Plaza. At this time, I was still concentrating in studying BM at Vista. I promised them that I will come after Zohor, so that I could have more time for BM written exam tomorrow. Badd also came later than us.

At about 2.30 pm, I met them at Converse. I greeted them and gave a kiss each. Then, we toured around Times Square to find some stuffs. Mimi was looking for a sweater for her, so that she could wear them during raining season at India. I also looked for the most important thing for now, which was printer ink. It was very crucial in the moment like this, especially when I needed to submit all my assignments in two days time.

After a moment, we waited for Badd at Sungei Wang Plaza because he wanted to shop there. Badd and I bought a slippers from Padini while Uya bought a t-shirt for ehem.. ehem...

Mimi bought a big travel backpack at a shop there. The atmosphere in the building was very hectic and crowded. There some sort of event occur on the stage. I managed to had a quick glance on the people who danced on the stage.

Then, Wawa and Uya said goodbyes. They needed to returned home early to buka puasa with their beloved family. That left Mimi the only girl left. Then we continued jalan-jalan in the crowded place.

After Jiji went missing, we headed to Times Square again, to book our place for buka puasa. At first, we want to eat at Kenny Roger's but it was fully-booked even though the clock showed 6 pm. Then, we switched to Secret Recipe and luckily there's still a vacant table.

Then, it's Mimi turn to say goodbye. She's returning to Terengganu tonight at 9.30 pm and couldn't join us for buka puasa because she's afraid that she would miss her bus.

Only the boys left for buka puasa. We all ordered a meal and also a piece of cake each. I tried the new Golden Crunchy cake. And it was kinda good. We tooked some photos and then eat happily ever after.

Then, I dropped by toy shop as usual and bought a toy.

introducing Girls' Generation

Then, Jiji said goodbye, leaving Badd, Azery and me.

Azery and I waited for Badd's sister to arrive to fetch him. During the waiting, we talked about several hot issues. Very hot indeed..

Finally, Badd's sister came at last. We tata each other and Azery and I went home by train.

Tomorrow got BM exam. Wish me luck! :)

What a great day! Another one more happy day!

*Thanks Wawa for the Transformers toy for my belated birthday present! I hope you enjoy the teddy that I gave you as your belated birthday present! Love ya!


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