Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A (Half) Day Out With Helmy

Just short and quick outing today, a spontaneous one.

With my best buddy, Helmy...

Helmy : to buy a new squash racket for IMUCUP after Raya
Me : just to teman Helmy only

Venue : Berjaya Times Square
Time : 5.00 pm (after Helmy's PBL)

Soon after we arrived, we headed to the Information Counter, asking for directions of sporting good & apparel. We went to almost all the sport shops there, but mostly didn't sell racket, only shoes and other non-racket things.

After a while, we decided to stop looking, and went to Secret Recipe instead, waiting for buka puasa time because it's nearly 7. The service kinda slow today, maybe the waiter/tress didn't notice us. So, Helmy had to go to the counter and asked them to come to our table. We had chicken sets with ice lemon teas. Plus, we got free kurma and syrup. Then we added on a Black Pepper Lamb Pie and Chocolate Indulgence cake.

Black Pepper Lamb Pie

Chocolate Indulgence

After performing our Maghrib prayer, we headed back to the shop which sells the rackets. Only one shop we found, near Converse. After buying the racket and the beg, we went home since we got nothing else to do. However, we failed to find a squash ball. Pity Helmy, how can he practice without a ball?

Ahh, and as usual, I dropped by several toy shops and bought some Transformers. :)
Got Hasbro sales at Metrojaya, and I bought some loose toys at a lower price at Brickboy Toys..

Bonecrusher, Megatron, Blackout, Megatron (tank), Bumblebee, Scattorshot

Thanks Helmy for ajaking me for outing today, we haven't go out together for ages. Miss the old time very much!


Anonymous said...


hehe, thanx kembali sbb terima ajakan ak, u're such a vest vuddy tho

ak gi carrefour, ak xjupe gak bola, yg ada bola utk beginner player jorh. last2 senior ak gtau kat court tu ada kedai jual racket ngan squash ball gak.

nice posting, nice pictures and nice toys t0o =p

Unknown said...

carrefour pn xde? sume tmpt xde, SUSEH...

nice posting, nice pictures, nice toys, nice friend.. eh, no no, best friend!


cahaya wawa said...

dushh.. toys again... isk33...

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