Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Week of Ramadan

Well, Ramadan is leaving us and Hari Raya is coming.. Very soon which is tomorrow...

These are what happened this week.

1. Iftar with my classmates [Monday]

This was the last buka puasa at Bukit Jalil because tomorrow, most of us would be going back already, except for medic students. We got early break and this week only got exams, no class at all. We ate at D'Santai, located by the lake. I ordered Nasi Goreng USA but as usual, not enough for me because the proportion was quite a little. Luckily Bee bought us some currypuffs.

Bye-bye Vista!

2. Shopping [Wednesday]

Since my mom didn't allocate us any budgets for Hari Raya shopping, my sister brought us shopping instead. The plan didn't go well and we went out quite late. Because of the traffics, my sister fetched us late, which is after buka puasa instead of the original plan, after she went back from work.

We went to One Utama (long time no see..), and shopped a little bit a Jusco. The sale was still going on and there's a lot of people! I grabbed a t-shirt and sweater from Sam. While my brother picked up some t-shirts at Padini. Then we went to several toy shops and I accidentally bought a few toys. :)

3. Iftar with family [Friday]

This time, buka puasa with my family. Also to celebrate my sister's belated birthday. At the evening, my brother and sister-in-law brought baby Arissa to our house. We kacau2 the baby a bit and she cried. A lot! She got diarrhea, pity Arissa.

We ate at Kedai Kopi located near the state mosque. I took a lot of food; rice with 5 kind of dishes, and also some grilled stingray, cuttlefish and big prawns.

4. Kuih raya and ketupat

As usual, every year, it's my duty to bake some (not some la, but a lot!) cookies. This year was the last year my mom will served as a teacher, so she wanted to give her clerks some cookies. I made the cookies about 5 batches, and it's kinda tiring. It took about 2-3 hours to finished one batch! Sometimes, my mom, dad and younger brother helped me, sometimes I did it alone. Yesterday, we helped dad to anyam the ketupat casing.

~Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~


LoLLy~ said...

manyak sgguh aktiviti anda
eh wanji x join ke korg..??

Unknown said...

xde.. wanji kuar ngn member2 die..

mmg pnt akitiviti bulan pose.. huhu..

cahaya wawa said...

banyak nye cookies.. my fam tak mau wat kuih raya pon.. kuihh raya this year semua nye sponsor dari orang2 je.. heee

Unknown said...

haha, buat cornflakes je.. yg lain sume bli..

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