Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today was the first time I joined Iftar, a buka puasa gathering conducted by Msoc. It was held at MPH5 in IMU.

I walked to IMU with Anis and Bee and at IMU, I joined Lukman and Helmy during the buka puasa. There, I also met Fadh, Siput, Ida, Azam, Faiz and housemates and also some seniors and as well as juniors. I only saw Cipak from far, and didn't have chance to greet her. Jah also busy taking photos of the crowd.

Today's menu :

Nasi Tomato
Tembikai potong
Air Laici

All for just RM5, which was quite worthy. Except the gravy for ayam masak merah was too little. Tak puas makan.. Wuuu..

After done with eating, we performed Maghrib prayers together (berjemaah).

During the gap between Maghrib and Isyak, Helmy, Lukman and I chitchatting to fill our most precious time. We chatted during the presentation on the Msoc Induction Night by Aiman who was very charismatic talking in front. We only listened to him once in a while. Lol..

Helmy, Iwa, Lukman bergosip tatkala ada masa lapang

jemaah lelaki

a very dedicated photographer, Jah

Then, we performed Isyak prayer and also Tarawikh.

After that, we all went home by following Azam who drove to IMU. Helmy grabbed some left-over kurma and some people also took away the extra kuih. Later, we are going to have our supper outside at midnight, following Azam.

I spent more time with Helmy during this Ramadhan compared to other month. Kinda good...


JohanPrinze said...

almhamdullilah! bagussss!!

aikasayang said... ceramah dia bersembang kat belakang ye?

Unknown said...

haha.. mestilah.. mane leh x sembang2..

~MawaddaH SKIS~ said...

cehhh..ada ka ptut letak gmbar aku..ngehngeh..

Unknown said...

mmg ptt.. ko kn glemer jah.. haha..

aikasayang said...

haha..bapak bagi free publisiti kt jah

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