Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sem 2 Is OVER!!!

Well, the title is quite obvious.

Let's partyyyyyy!!!!

No, i'm just kidding..

I'm not a party kind of dude..

Cannot enjoy much since the exams (even though we took 2 papers only) were very extremely speechlessly difficult. We are all mentally depressed.. :(

Physiology - Damn hard! Even things out of syllabus were also asked. The module didn't help much.. Like Fyruz said, we didn't use our brain to answer them, but tembak2 only. :(

Bioscience - The MCQs were quite okay la.. but the SAQs were so long winding untul my fingers went off melayang2 during the exam. Too many question, and so many marks for only 1 question. I though SAQ means Short Answer Question, not Superhard Answer Question.
Didn't expect they'd asked for AMES test.. Wuuu... *menangis air mata darah, nasi sudah menjadi baked rice.. eh silap, nasi sudah menjadi bubur*

Post-Examination Surprise

Surprise! *I'm also surprised!*

Jah bought a cake for Mirah's belated birthday. We were quite shocked since Jah didn't tell us anything beforehand. I didn't bring my camera along, Aleen's camera also battery exhausted, so just depends in Mirah's handphone. Quite disappointed not having a good quality photos.

Happy 21st Birthday Amirah!

We were kinda rush with me, Anis and Cipak need to hurry because we got activity later. We sang Mirah a birthday song, and she cut the cake. Then, Anis came late, so she sang again for Mirah. Then Cipak, Fyruz and Fariz came along, sang the third birthday song for Mirah.

A video tribute to Amirah Sedek..

Then, we ate quickly. Jah was nowhere to be seen. She's having a PBL right now..




Chill Out

Bella called. She just finished her PBL. She told me that Azery might want to join us.

After siap2 at Vista, Azery texted me. He just finished PBL also. So waited for a slowpoke like him, it really took time.

Then, we took LRT to Hang Tuah, walked to Times Square. On the way at Pudu prison, Cipak requested to take her photo there. What a Cipak, so unique in her own way. :)

Cipak's new home, Penjara Pudu

I didn't know how many times we had been to Times Square before. Quite A LOT! Because it's the most easy-to-reach location by train. We need a new place next sem. Need to think about it later.

Bella was fasting today. So we surveyed a place to eat first. Ended up at Vivo American Pizza and Panini.

I tried the baked fish pasta, choco mallow and cappucino cake.

choco mallow.. yum yum~

definitely mine!

orang yang berpuasa

Then, after Maghrib prayer, we all got separated. I was with Azery while the girls were nowhere to be seen. Maybe the tried out some clothes at the shops or just window shopped.

I bought a Megatron toy. Not the leader class one, but the voyager class. Got no money to buy the big one. :(

ape pandang2? nk kne tembak?

Azery bought a necktie at Metrojaya. A light blue one. There's a lot of beautiful ties there, but I got no intention to buy any.

Bella said she want to go back. She wanted to go back home at Semenyih.

We separated at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Bella went to the wrong door, to the unopened one. She was so confident.. Lol..

We teman Cipak to Vista B.

Then, secret activity was done with Anis and Azery.. :)


LoLLy~ said...

cipak comey,,,wawawawa
asal korg x amek gmba kt penjara 2 gaks..??lol

Unknown said...

sbb ktrg malu.. hahaha... ramai kot org lalu lalang..

anisz said...

u noe its ok..dh lama x lyn fb n blog bagai

anisz said...

babe, pics cm blur2 je..tangan sapekah?

Unknown said...

ntah la.. tgh cipak kot.. haha..

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