Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results, Drafts and KFC

Today, I went to IMU with Amirah and Cipak since they both lives not so far from IMU.

At 12.30 pm, Amirah and I met Cipak outside IMU and then we headed straight to AAD to pick our results and also first draft of Foundation Pharmacy project.

I'm satisfied with my result even though it was not da bomb. For me, passed is just enough, no need to resit any papers.

Then, we browsed through our first draft. Mine got not much problem, only my clinical scenario was written 'incomplete' by Mr. KA. I'm not sure what info else he needed. We also browsed through others drafts as well, just to compare and contrast..

We met some medic friends there such as Jah, Bella, Ida, Sipot, Azery and Joash, and also managed to say hi to Najwa and 'Nawal dalam kenangan'.

There's an MPH bookfair in IMU, at the former cafe site. There's a lot of sale, all books got sale! Including 20% for Twilight, Lord of the Rings and many others.

Then, we had lunch at KFC Endah Parade. Thanks Cipak. :) .. I like~

After sending Amirah and Cipak at Vista C and B respectively, I drove home.

and it's raining along the way..

*Fariz, nanti pos la oreo cheesecake ko, nak rasa...


LoLLy~ said...

thx cipak..??
cipak banjer r tuh
n btw, cipak kate mph bukak bookstore kt imu,lol
bukan ke bookfair jek,hua3
oreo..?? rinie x jd wat...xkuar g bli bahan g,lol

Unknown said...

haha.. ok kos. cipak mmg kakak yg baek..

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