Friday, October 16, 2009

Majlis Cukur Jambul Arissa

Huh.. I'm still tired and aching from yesterday's ceremony. My hands, legs all still burning in pain... :(

Open House [12.00 - 7.00 pm]

Menu : Chicken rice, roti jala, kuih-muih, watermelon, sirap bandung

Started with my brother's friends. About 50 people.

Then continued with my younger brother's friends. About 20 people, one class I guess.

Later, my mother's friends. The whole school!

My friends couldn't come, most of them already went back to their hometown. Some of them didn't have transport to go to my house.

Majlis Cukur Jambul [after Isyak]

Menu : Nasi campur [nasi putih, udang/nanas masak cili api, rendang daging, kerabu mangga, ayam goreng berempah, daging salai masak cili api], sirap oren, watermelon and honey dew, teh tarik and some kuih-muih.

My relatives started to fill the house.

One family by one family..

Orang surau arrived.

Started with marhaban.

Cukur Arissa's hair.


I can tell you, it's very crowded and super duper busy day. My father and I worked from morning to night non-stop because I'm the only one who's having a holiday apart from my father who already became a pensioner. I was assigned to take photos while my brother in-law was in charge with the handicam.

By night, all my limbs started to ache, mainly my hands. Aduhhh....

I couldn't sleep well also, due to the aching hands.

Here are some of the photos of yesterday:

baby Arissa


cik violet said...

xsempat berkenalan dgn baby arissa..die sangat comeylah..=)

LoLLy~ said...

sowie laa weh
aku da plan nk tlg ahli band kelaut sorg neh
tp tiket bas da abest meyh,hik3

cahaya wawa said...

meriah nya.. mentang2 cucu 1st.. so cute lah arissa... huuuu... bile lah ble jumpa arissa live..

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