Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something I Learn

I just learn from Fariz how to do screen capture or print screen from laptop..

It's not that hard! Easy like ABC.. haha..

And here's the outcome..

Thanks a lot Lolly~


The latest baby Arissa...




Isn't she's cute? >_<

*I cilok the photos from Kak Kyra's facebook.. lol..


LoLLy~ said...

sure..!! =)
cute giler baby arissa
lg suke time die ade rmbot laa

Unknown said...

eh, comel ape botak.. haha..

anisz said...

i noe how to do dat too tp aku guna software la..

bak kata paris, arissa ada rambut lg comel..montel la dia ni..mesti sedap nk pelok2..whew~..mata dia pon cm bulat je

jan di! said...

comel! kawaaaiiii! ;P

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