Thursday, October 29, 2009

Farming aka Bercucuk Tanam

Yesterday, I followed my dad to Linggi, Malacca to visit our land which is soon-to-be orchard.

We left our house at 7 am *damn early, I'm still sleepy. Zzzz* and arrived 2 hours later.

First, I cleaned up the overgrown weeds around the young fruit trees. The weeds menumpang there because got a lot of fertilisers around the trees.

Then, we planted a lot of new baby trees, and a lot of banana plants as well.

It was very tiring and energy consuming especially works that involved the hoe. Plus, I'm not a person who is full of stamina. I'm not so active.

At 12, we had a rest and lunch with the food we bought before during

It's not simple like playing Farmville, Happy Farm or Barn Buddy. It's much more tiring and time consuming.

We managed to plant all the trees that we brought. As soon we finished everything, rain started to drop. Yay, the plants and trees must be very happy with the rain.

Now, my hand got some blisters and bruises. Looks like the glove wasn't protective at all.

However, all the hard works were paid off with sweet ABC and curry mee.



cahaya wawa said...

wooo... kne tggu bape lama untuk buah die kua?? kalau happy farm 12 jam je.. huhuhuhu...

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