Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Study Weeks

Even though it's a two-week break, I still wondering how to get a study mood. This is because I keep doing things other than study during these weeks. Huh, how can I finish my study.. Still got lots to read, lots to revise, and also lots of practice to do.

Physiology got the most things to read, especially for the endocrine and central nervous system.

Maths basically needs to do some exercise.

Chemistry and Biopharmacy also got things to read especially for the last part of the subjects. Luckily we got the CAL session which is also a one way of revision.

I also watched about 40 episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura anime and still watching it everyday maybe until I finish all 70 episodes. I still remember how I loved this anime and share it with my best friend during my secondary school. I'm so wanted to get back to my school year.. Huhu..

I had also started watching a new Korean drama entitled Cinderella Man. The main leads are Yoona and Kwon Sang Woo. I watched this drama because Yoona was in there, and she is one of my favourite member of SNSD.

Then, I also had a pre-birthday party at home. Even though my birthday is on 29th, but my family celebrated it earlier together with my brother because his birthday was on 25th. We usually celebrated our birthday together since we were small.

I am supposed to go to Langkawi on May 1st till 3rd, but due to exams, I had to waste the flight ticket. We booked the ticket last year and I didn't know that it will be soooooooooo near with my final exam. My exams is on the May 4rd till 7th.

I also had checked my class test results with AAD. It was okay for me, just average marks (as long as I passed, and also exempted from Bioscience EOS). I never put a high expectation in my results because I know that I won't get a GREAT marks. So, average is just enough for myself.

Huuuu, study.. study... study...

When will I get the mood to study? When?


cahaya wawa said...

im oso in luv with cardcaptor sakura tym 2ndary school.. i got the full set punye cd.. huhuhuh.. 3 cd had broken or stolen x sure lah.. heeee... sgt childish kan kite nih..

Unknown said...

bes la sakura.. bes sgt.. n kte mmg childish.. hehe..

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