Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Order.. Order..

Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, my order from Yesasia.com has arrived this morning from Hong Kong. I was very happy about this, and I called Azery directly after I got this parcel. Azery and I accumulated our orders together in order to get free shipping.

What did we order? Owh, just some Korean CDs and DVDs.. Mainly music stuffs..

Jeng jeng jeng, what a surpise... Not a nice box.. So many tapes..

Super Junior Supershow (Azery's)
Didn't dare to open this.. Not mine.. Huhu.. Siaplah ko Azery lepas ni.. Aku nk tgk same2 dgn ko konsert ni..

Super Junior 3rd Album (Mine and Azery's)
Photo book included

Girls' Generation Repackage Album Baby Baby (Mine of course)
Photo book included

and also Boys Over Flower OST (definitely mine)
Photo book included + Photo cards


fzdllh kmsn said...

hihihi..nak pinjam! nak pinjam!

Unknown said...

haha.. bleh, dtg r cni amek.. hehe..

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