Monday, April 6, 2009

1 more to go! Hwaiting!

Yeah, just finished the Biopharmacy test today! What a relief..

The questions weren't very easy and weren't very hard also.. Some question even contributes 3 marks even though it just a MCQs (multiple choice questions).. That's ridiculous, I wonder if I got that question wrong, 3 marks will be flying away just like that.

Some of my friends like Anis, Bee & Fariz went out enjoying themselves after a week of study and revision. It must be very tense. Not forget, Aleen & Mirah also took the chance to ease their stress by the same manner.

So, I just sitting in my room, alone, maybe I will watch movies on Badd's suggestion..

1 more test to go next week! Chemistry test! Aja-aja! Hwaiting!


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