Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Archie

Last week, my best friend, Helmy told me that there will be a David Archuleta Showcase in Malaysia in April. He knew it from 8TV. Suddenly we feel so excited about going to this showcase but we don't know how. So, I browsed through the internet to find out more about this showcase.

There are several way to get the free passes to this event:
1. Through Digi by purchasing David Archuleta's bundle (ringtones, wallpaper etc)
2. By purchasing David's album starting 2 April onwards
3. By contest on tv or radio (Era.fm, Hitz.fm, 8TV etc)
4. Reloading RM30 - applicable to Digi user

Here's the thing. We are not Digi users. So, we buy a new number to try our luck. My number and Helmy's just differ by 1 digit only. We purchase the bundle and wait for the outcome. I used my brother's old phone to use my Digi number. Plus, I did topup my prepaid with RM30.

Contest? No, so not my genre. I don't really like entering contest plus the probability of winning is very low. I'm busy with classes and tests, so got no time to listen to the radio or watch TV.

We did try to but David's album last week on April 2nd which is right after Physiology test. But it was in vain because we were late. The album was sold out one hour prior our arrival to Midvalley. Not all music store offer the free showcase passes. Only certain like Rock Corner in Midvalley and the Gardens, and yes we also went to the Gardens to try our luck. It was revealed that each shop only offer 20 passes only. Huhu, how few...

Helmy and I like David Archuleta since American Idol last year. We watched the show together in college in the small TV room, which is sometimes we need to come early to book the TV. Usually, Badd also joined us but his favourite was David Cook. We were all so touched by David Archuleta's version of Imagine. It was very good. In fact, we felt a bit unsatisfied that David Archuleta didn'n win the American Idol.

Today, 2 good news enter my life (and also Helmy's life of course). This evening, like I stated in the post before this, I got an SMS from Digi saying that I won 2 passes to the showcase. I felt so surprised and I was indeed shouting and screaming in my room. The other news was, Helmy also got 2 passes as well. Therefore, it makes to 4 passes. We were so lucky this time.

Only that we don't to to asked who the other one. Me, Helmy and Azery. So, got 1 more pass left. I already asked Anis but she said that she will think about it since the showcase is on Saturday, and Monday we got Chemistry test.

Our efforts for this showcase..

It was all worth it..



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