Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1 Hour

Just 1 hour, Helmy and I spent our time in Sunway Pyramid.

We were there not to hang out, shopping or wasting our time. In fact, we came just to redeem our David Archuleta Live in KL free passes.

I got 2 tickets, Helmy got 2 tickets plus we added 4 more tickets by reloading our Digi number. For each RM30 reload, we got 2 tickets. Very easy..

Then, Helmy bought a new shoes, I bought somethings, and then we went back to Bukit Jalil.


Akula _jazlan said...

seriously, ko top up je pastu terus dpt tket, ke ikut nasib je? Anyway, asal tetibe suma lucky sgt nie.. yg nabil dpt tket flight free tu btul ke?

Unknown said...

haah.. topup je, pastu dpt 2 tiket free.. hehe..

btol la nabil dpt tiket g london.. aku pn agak jeles.. haha..

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