Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pavilion & Times Square

Today was the last day of this semester.. So, we went out have some fun..


After buying things at Low Yat, we went to Pavilion. Since it was our first time there, Safwan became our tour guide for today. He showed us the way to Pavilion because he had been there before.

Not many shops here caught my eyes because the shops here were all kinda luxurious and branded. So, things here were quite expensive. I just bought a t-shirt from Soda and it got 50% less. Then, we had our early dinner here because Safwan needed to catch his train to Penang later on. We tried the food court and we ended up eating sizzling yee mee as our dinner. The price was quite reasonable for certain stalls.

Berjaya Times Square

After bidding farewell to our beloved Safwan, we spontaneously went to Cosmo's World to have fun because we didn't enough strength to window shopping anymore. The ticket price was not too expensive like Sunway Lagoon, it was only RM27.20 after discount (plus today was weekday).

However, some rides were closed due to anual maintenance but we tried our best to optimise the chance to play as many rides as we can. We also tried the Haunted Chamber which was quite scary but short. We pay RM7 just to watch the ghost which we couldn't touch them due to the rules and regulation.

Ridhwan and I played the roller coaster twice but the girls only once because the couldn't bare the dizziness of the ride. We also played bumper cars twice, then the others once only.

Then, we took photos at the photo studio and before we left the building, we dropped by Baskin Robin to grabbed some shake. I chose Cotton Candy flavour and the taste was quite good actually.

At the LRT station, we accidentally met Sheetal and Visha, and later Jyun, Yling and Yan also joined us. Wow, so many people went out today since today was our last day of this semester (excluding final exam).

Today was very fun, enjoyable but also tiring. I wonder where will we be going after the final exam.. We are still discussing about this future plan.. and to definite answer has been made yet..


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